Buddy Jr.

May 12, 2008 – April 2016


Buddy Jr fka Buddy was surrendered to our rescue group by his owner in order for him to be placed in a better home. His owner did not have the time to devote to Buddy. Buddy Jr was a 3 yr old purebred Vizsla.

Buddy likes to help my wife in the garden. One of his favorite things to do is bite at the water coming out of the garden hose. He knows what squirrels were put on this earth for…..to chase. He also likes to chase tennis balls. He'll bring the ball to you and drop it, there's no fight in getting it away from him. A favorite pastime is chasing sun spots on the wall or ceiling of a room.

Buddy was adopted by Jeanette & Robert who live in Telluride. Sadly Buddy Jr crossed over the Rainbow Bridge in April of this year. See you again sweet Buddy.