Beaux fka Disco

June 2, 2011 – November 20, 2016


Hi Rita,

I wanted to let you know that my beloved Beaux has passed away. I have been completely devastated with the loss.

Beaux was adopted through CWVRG by, Richard, a tenant in the same building as I work and one of my clients. Beaux and I fell in love immediately!! He would come into my office daily just to hang out with me. Richard was going through difficult times personally with his father - so Beaux would come and hang out with me during Richard's travels. It became apparent quickly he and I didn't like being separated. Richard was so gracious in his resignation with our bond and allowed me to move forward in officially adopting him through you. I remember the phone conversation with your husband - I was so worried you wouldn't approve me and keep us together.

Boy what a life he had - Poor guy was picked up from Nebraska - torn ACL which the rescue paid to repair it - Then he tore the other knee shortly after being with me - another surgery - then - rejection of the sutures - yet again - another surgery.

Last year we almost lost him to Xylitol poising - He helped himself to the gum in my purse - By sheer will, me pushing and a great team of vets we pulled him through it. It took him a while to bounce back - and he didn't fully come back the way he used to be.

We went to the vets for a yearly checkup - from there it seems like there was this horrible domino effect going on. After 2 weeks - it hit us in the face - Lymphoma - we caught it much too late - he was in the end stages by the time it was diagnosed. I can't tell you how much I have gone over in my mind - How on earth did I miss it? How did the vet miss it? So many of the signs are synonymous with having a senior dog etc., then boom - his body was shutting down right before my eyes - we removed fluid from his lungs in hopes to ease his breathing - started the steroids - a couple of days later he gave up eating, the following day he gave up drinking. I knew then what was coming. He then began to pull away from me. It was torture not being able to comfort him. He passed very peacefully - Leaving in his wake a grieving, devastated mom.

Thank you so much for all you do - without your constant work I would have never met my soul mate and enjoyed the brief time we had together.