February 2002 – May 2011


I picked Chelsea up on a Cinco de Mao weekend from Rita, she was ready to leave her pups and start a new life in her forever home.

On the drive home she sat quietly in the back just looking and watching. It was cute, she would duck every time we went under an over pass. She was shy and not used to being in a house; she would slink almost touching her belly (that was very stretched out from being used as a puppy maker) to the floor. She quickly became comfortable sleeping on the bed with me and did every night until her passing this year. We both got used to the routine of who got what side of the bed.
Chelsea was a very expressive Vizsla with a wiggle butt for happy times and Spin’n and grin’n when she got to go “bye bye” with me. As the opposite was true if she had to stay home, she would put her head down and turn and walk away, as if to say “I can’t believe you are going to leave me here”.

She loved doggie day care and had a couple of very special “boys” in her life. Toby was a beagle next door that taught Chelsea how to play and they played. The other was Bogen and German Shorthair pointer that Chelsea never stopped being excited over whenever he came to stay with us.

Chelsea and I grew our family, Kevin my husband and Abby a German Shorthair Pointer mix, in which we all moved to Hudson, CO on 8 acres. Life was good! There was lots of room to run, chase bunnies, hunt quail and keep an eye on the barn cats.

We enjoyed camping (best camping dog ever!), horseback riding and naps. Having Vizslas all my life she was true to form, Velcro! She was a Momma’s girl and I loved it, she was a princess and she knew it, She was sweet loving was spoiled I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Chelsea had bone cancer and what we thought was 13 – 14 years old. She was with me for 9 years and I miss her.

- Janet