Cisco fka Teddy

September 18, 2003 – August 26, 2015


"We adopted Cisco at 4 months of age after Rita rescued him and his siblings. We thank Rita for preparing him so well for his forever home as he was so well-trained and cat-friendly! Cisco was always an "easy" dog, knew his indoor and outdoor behaviors, a mellow-fellow, and overall the perfect gentleman. If he had a "weakness", it was only that he was shy and typically didn't immediately consider everyone his friend. However, he was never aggressive and did make friends once he knew the person was trustworthy. He would bring his "babies" to show that he wanted to make one's acquaintance. He loved snow! Ate it! Pounced in it! Threw his tennis ball in the air and then searched for where it landed in the snow. His best friends were Loosey and Dazey the Viszlas, Zoe and Abby the red-like-him Dachshunds, and Boomer and Charlie the Goldens. We've all observed how often pets and owners are alike. Living with two adults, he became just like us in temperament, and he took up at least 1/3 of the bed at 86 lbs.! Cisco was a very important member of our family and his absence is profound."