March 14, 2010 – January 30, 2017


Cody passed away this morning. He had an extremely fast growing tumor that did not become obvious until yesterday. He was not feeling well on Saturday. Katherine said that her vet had never seen such a fast growing tumor in his practice. It had just taken over his body.

Cody was fostered by Carolyn back in 2010, he was 1 years old when we got him in. He had Valley Fever when we got him, but otherwise he was a pretty healthy, happy boy.

“I feel like a piece of my soul and heart has been torn out. We lost our beloved Cody this morning to cancer. I took him to the emergency vet on Saturday after he didn't eat dinner and abdomen felt swollen. X-rays discovered a large mass in his back half pushing his stomach forward. I was instructed to call our vet first thing this morning to schedule an ultra sound. Well this morning it was decided that time was of the essence and surgery to remove the mass was priority. Our amazing vet Dr Livingstone at Del Norte Animal Clinic rearranged his entire schedule to get our baby boy into surgery. Moments into surgery I got the heart wrenching call that the cancer was everywhere. Not only had it metastasized into more than 5 masses in the liver it was all over the kidneys and even wrapped around the intestine. Dr. Livingstone couldn't remove the mass and he had never seen anything this aggressive. Rest in peace my sweet Cody.” Katherine