November 28, 2011 - June 18, 2016


Rest in Peace Deuce -

We lost our Deuce last night. He passed away in the night last night. He hadn't been feeling well - he had gotten into something outside - which was totally normal for him - so we didn't think anything of it and figured that he'd get better like he always did. He had kept to himself the last couple of days, which was also normal for him. He ate breakfast yesterday, like normal, so we thought he was getting better. But then last night he was feeling worse and he moved into the way back store room (dark and cool) to be by himself. At bedtime, I sat with him awhile and petted him and told him that I forgave him for biting me a couple weeks ago and that we loved him and that if he needed to go to the Rainbow Bridge, it was okay and we'd meet him there. I guess he took me up on that because he passed sometime in the night.

We got Deuce in 2012 through the Colorado Wyoming Vizsla Rescue Group when Rita was there and I was working with them. He came into our home as a foster dog. At the time, he had so many health issues (severe abuse at the hands of an asshole former owner, neglect, tape worm, malnutrition, frostbite, seizures) and was old enough that no one thought he'd ever get adopted out and that he was destined to be a "foster child" forever. We couldn't let that happen so we adopted him ourselves.

We've had our ups and downs with Deuce. He has always been a little unpredictable because of the abuse he'd suffered but we tried to give him the best life possible. He was such a smart dog and we wished like crazy that we'd have gotten him as a pup. He was one of those dogs that you could see he had so much potential before someone else ruined him.

Trust was hard to achieve - on both sides of the fence. He never totally trusted us and we never totally trusted him. Recently, I thought our trust had reached a new level so I was hugging him and was told, through a bad bite to the face that our trust wasn't quite to that point yet! I forgave him as soon as it happened - it's not his fault that some bad human abused him.
There were good times too. Every once in a while, his Vizsla would come out and he'd want to snuggle - just like a Vizsla. Sometimes he'd decide that it was okay to get rowdy and play with the other dogs.

Today we're giving Deuce the same honor that we've given all of the other dogs that we've loved and lost. We're taking him to the pet crematorium and he'll be placed in an urn on our mantle, right alongside our other pups, Belle and Hilda.

Rest in peace, Deuce. No more pain, no more horrific flashbacks. Only love and fun for you from here on out! Gayle