Jack fka Frederick

July 30, 2015 - June 22, 2016


Jack came into our lives around 10 months ago. As a friend said, dogs are that special piece that God sends you to remind you of selfless unconditional love. Jack was truly heaven sent. He came to us the day before we lost another dog. He wrapped himself around our hearts and never let go. All he wanted was to be petted and petted. Besides being petted his biggest joy was to lay outside and watch the world go by. He was so smart he watched what our dog Buddy was doing and picked up on all the tricks to get treats. He would go get the mail and bring it in just like Buddy. He was the sweetest, most gentle loving dog we have ever known. He died from post-operative complications. We guess his age around 13 or 14. There is truly a hole in our hearts where Jack once was. We miss him terribly.

Ilona, Dave and Buddy