Jax fka Rusty

July 6, 2014 – September 5, 2014


Jax was dumped into the drop box at a local Denver shelter by his owner. He was only 2 years old. We did manage to contact the owner who was more than willing to get us some back ground information. He did exhibit some strange behaviors. Our vet discovered that he had been having seizures and was most likely epileptic his whole life and had never been treated for it. His previous owners were treating his odd behaviors holistically. This obviously was not working. Upon consultation with our vet, we had agreed that years of untreated seizures and his poor breeding had left him with a very unstable mind. We decided that the best option for Jax was helping him cross over the Rainbow Bridge. Our vet came to the house to put him out of his pain, he attacked me and the only reason I wasn’t hurt was my husband grabbed him. He bit my husband’s wrist and left 2 deep puncture wounds, he also bit through my husband’s gloves and left a scrape on one finger. There was nothing that could have been done for Jax and the very best thing was the rainbow bridge, medications would have only been a band aid on a bullet hole. At some point the meds would have done even more damage. There is no way that I would have let him be adopted out as he was a danger to people and other animals. His VERY poor breeding and his seizures not being treated is to blame for all his behavior and medical issues. As rescuers our duty is to do whatever is best for every dog we take in even if it means the rainbow bridge. Run free my beautiful boy, until we meet again.