March 3, 2002 – February 11, 2013


Just wanted you to know that one of the VERY BEST dogs you adopted out just went on to greener pastures. I got Kana from you 11 years ago at 8 weeks and she was the greatest even though she was mixed with a lab. She started have seizures when she was 5 yrs old and I had her on medicine and was able to control them. In Oct she had not had any seizures for 3 months. Last Saturday she started having seizures again and I couldn't get them controlled. She was having them every 1 to 2 hours and they were severe. I worked day and night with her till Monday afternoon. I could see there was more pain and confusion, so finally called the vet and he came out and gave her release. The tears still come easy but glad she isn't suffering any longer. Just wanted to thank you for some of the best years of my life with her. She will cremated and buried here with a nice stone.

Thanks again - Lala