June 7, 2008 – November 24, 2016


Dear Rita,

This is so very difficult. It has been several weeks since we lost our dear Lola and I am sitting here sobbing just thinking about her.

We adopted her on June 7, 2008, they thought her to be approximately 3 yrs old. She was one of a group called the Kansas 8 since she was one of eight Red dogs to survive a horrific place in Kansas. Thanks to you, Rita, the rescue group and her foster parents, Larry and Sue, we were blessed to bring her into our lives. She was skinny, timid and ran like the wind. Her Weim sister, Sarah, was kind enough to welcome her new sister with open paws. It took a month of consistent loving for her to warm up to my husband, but she immediately became my Velcro girl.

Lola loved her daily long walks off leash and turned on a dime when we called to her. I doubt she was ever taught this behavior, but naturally wanted to please and comply. She rooo roooed her way thru life, endearing herself to everyone she met. She was quite a lady, and always sat with her front paws crossed. She had the most soulful eyes I've ever seen and watched our every move. Although she weighed 60#, she curled into a tiny little ball every night when she slept with us. She was a great little bed warmer.

We lost Lola to cancer at Thanksgiving after pursuing every medical option that didn't make her feel worse. She was a brave and sweet girl throughout and we never left her side. It was an honor to have her pass peacefully in my arms.
We've had other dogs whom we miss dearly, but I truly don't know when the piercing heartache of missing Lola will lessen. I truly believe God has her in a happy place and she'll be waiting at the Bridge.

RIP My Sweet Lola,