Lucia Violet fka Brownie’s Story

August 17, 2008 – April 23, 2012


Lucia Violet fka Brownie is a 2 yr old purebred, spayed Vizsla. She was owner surrendered to a shelter in WY with her brother. Lucia Violet fka Brownie does fairly well on a leash and is learning that it is not desirable to jump up on people. She is just so loving she can’t help it. She loves children and gets along with other dogs. She is a very sweet girl and loves attention and being in your lap, if you let her.

Lucia found her forever home with Mary & Freddie and here is Lucia’s story as told by Mary - Freddie and I met Lucia two weeks ago. Actually, she’s been with us for two weeks. Freddie is my 8 year old Vizsla who I adopted from CWVRG.

It took Lucia about 5 days before she would play with Freddie and it was like he said “its about time”.

Lucia was here for a couple of days before I had my first client, who happened to be another Vizsla person. I asked her if it would be ok if I kept Lucia out of her crate to see how it went. I told Lucia, beforehand, that this was quiet time and she needed to take a little nap. She then hops into the chair (which is Freddie’s routine… mind you she had not seen this yet) and sleeps through the entire session! Freddie slept on the floor. She’s been repeating this since then (I see 4 or 5 people a day). Freddie is just asking me why we haven’t gotten another dog sooner. I guess we were just waiting for Lucia. Her full name is Lucia Violet.

I have also found out how much she likes to run, just like Rita said, and chase the tennis ball. I have a nice long yard so I’m throwing the ball for her and also she and Freddie are chasing each other around. Freddie & I just love her to death. – Mary

It is with sadness that I tell you. Cancer has robbed us of our beloved Lucia. I know she has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge to join her buddy Freddie and all the other Vizsla buddies that have preceded her. Until we meet again. - Mary