October 12, 2007 – May 2016


We adopted Maddox right after getting back from our honeymoon and from that moment on, he was a part of our family. Marcy would take him running through the neighborhood and on mountain trails, he'd trot alongside her while she biked and snuggled with her and Matt on camping trips. Maddox was a little slow to warm up to Matt. Fearful of men, he barked at Matt for about 15 minutes during their first meeting. Once he realized that Matt was smitten with him, Maddox wouldn't leave his side and often preferred his lap on the couch to anyone else's. 

Maddox wasn't fond of children but that all changed after the births of our three children. He followed them around everywhere and acquiesced to all their fancies, even if it included costume dress up, being the mighty steed for a knight or princess, or someone to love on with hugs and kisses by our littlest. Maddox loved our children and they loved him. Some might say that Maddox was a bit spoiled. With 6 doggie beds to choose from, he often preferred the foot of our oldest son's bed. He went with us on almost all of our vacations and when we couldn't take him, he would stay with one of the grandparents.

Even though Maddox died this past May, we miss him as if he passed yesterday. I cannot think of a memory of our family that did not include Maddox. Every time my youngest sees a dog she points and yells "Mammo!" My older two still draw pictures of him. We will never forget Maddox and feel so blessed to have loved and have been loved by such a grand dog.