June 18, 2015 – November 5, 2015


It is with great sadness that I have to say that I had to help Mama cross over the Rainbow Bridge. Mama was a Vizsla mix, approximately 4 yrs old. We don’t know what her previous life had been like; but we were pretty sure she had been used as a breeding machine. She was surrendered by her owners to the local shelter in Hobbs, NM along with what we think was her daughter and 6 mix puppies.

Mama was a very sweet girl and just about the smartest foster I had ever had, I fell in love with her. She would go right into her crate when it was time to eat or bedtime. I have never had a foster automatically crate up like she did. She was so sweet. I did notice that she was used to being the alpha dog in the pack. My female senior V did not take kindly to her position in the pack being challenged.

I had been out for a couple of hours to do some shopping; I came home to a horrific scene. My old female was beaten up and in very bad shape. I crated all the dogs, loaded up my old female and went directly to my vet. I realized at that time that Mama had attacked my old girl. In all my years of fostering rescues I have never had this happen.

Mama carried a lot of baggage and hid it very well. Evidentially she just snapped, my fault for not separating the dogs while I was gone, even though it was only for a short time.

Now Mama is free of abuse and abandonment and running free with all the other dogs that have crossed over before her. I will see her again. I fell in love with this dog and it just makes me so mad that people are so cavalier with their animals.