August 10, 2004 – October 2014


Miles has come a long way in his life as well as distance. Miles was owner surrendered because he didn't match up to their hunting expectations. We assume he was a "farm" dog and never allowed to be a member of the family. In the short time with his foster, Polly, he learned just what being a member of the family meant. He was allowed in the house, to sleep in bed with humans, get in laps and eat his meals in the house. He was now ready to go to his new family.

Rita made the trip to KS to pick up Miles and bring him to his new home. Miles’ new mom, Karen, came to pick him up the very next day, she couldn’t wait. Karen brought his new brother, Benjamin, with her. Karen called me that evening to tell me how happy Miles was in his new home. He was playing with his new brother and learning to bark. I am not sure barking is a good thing, but his new mom didn't seem to mind. Miles even ate all his dinner, which is good.

Update – September 7, 2004 - Miles is settling in very nicely and enjoys all the special attention. He is a snuggle bug, and loves to snuggle with Karen while she watches TV. He also likes to play tug of war with the Kong rope and Benjamin. The other day he went to the off-leash park at the old Stapleton airport and just loved it. He met other Vizslas too.

Karen took Miles for his first ride in her convertible with the top down. He didn’t know what to think at first, then settled down and stretched out in the sun.

October 2014, Miles crossed over the Rainbow Bridge to play, pain free, with all the other Vizslas. He was about 11 1/2 (I had the pleasure of his company for 10 years). A really, really gentle, giving soul. He is the only of my V's to roooo and wow I miss that. He also loved hugs and cuddling. He also would check the yard every time he went out-- such a tough guard dog!

He woke up that morning with gray gums (a sign of internal bleeding) so I knew it was time. The vet agreed. He probably had a tumor that burst. I'm glad it was so sudden- fine one day, gone the next, no long suffering. My first dog to die. My eldest V, Benjamin, will be 15 next month. I also have a rescue, Cody, 12 or 13. And of course, little Olive.

They all are different; different personalities. Miles was my sweet, sweet boy. Dog-less friends of mine would "borrow" him for sleepovers. Thank you soooooo much for matching me with him all those years ago!!

I will do it again. - Karen