March 5, 2005 - June 1, 2013


We picked up our first Vizsla, Red, renamed Fred, on a blustery day in March of 2005. We met his foster dad on the side of the interstate where 470 and I70 meet, and signed the papers on the hood of the car. He was all ours! We drove back to Fruita blissfully unaware of the challenges ahead.
Fred had been surrendered by his owner because the man was elderly and an 18 month old V was waayyy more than he could handle. We'd done our homework and figured we'd have Fred tuned up in no time. The real story is that we went thru months of trial and error before he came when called, didn't eat my shoes (nine pairs - he only destroyed one shoe per pair) - and threatened every other dog we met. But, a commitment is a commitment and we hung in there until Fred turned into a nice dog. Fred even became an amazing bird dog - with NO formal training. He went on a yearly adventure to hunt pheasants in Kansas with his dad and some GSH buddies, and learned to hunt from them. He was a thing of beauty, working a corn field and coming back with a bird in his mouth.
His Vizsla sister, Bella, joined us when Fred was three. They were great pals and we enjoyed their company on countless road trips, hikes and hours of snuggling.
Always in peak condition, Freddy started having nose bleeds in late April of 2013, and was diagnosed with an inoperable nasal tumor. He faded quickly and on June 3rd, at the age of ten, his adventure was over. We took him to his favorite stream where he waded and chewed sticks on a final outing. The vet came to our house and Freddy was able to pass in his own bed with Bella and us cuddling him.
We miss him terribly and every night we watch PBS News Hour and laugh about how he'd howl to the theme music. We watch and listen to our videos often and remember our special boy. Dani and Mark