August 8, 2007 – July 2016


Tucker was a very special Vizsla. Although his time with us was too short, we are so lucky to have had him as part of our family. I'll always remember the day that we went to Rita's house in Fort Collins to meet our puppy. From the start, he was happy, curious and full of energy. In Rita's backyard, he tried relentlessly to climb into the laps of all of the visitors. As a young puppy in Denver he loved to snuggle on our laps, chew on the ears of his tolerant and loving big dog sister Callie, and run for hours. Some things never changed--throughout his life, Tucker was always happiest when he was curled in a ball on someone's lap. He never seemed to realize that he was a large, rowdy and somewhat boney 50 pound dog--he always wanted to be in the center of the snuggles. Over the 8 years that we had Tucker, our little family grew by three children. Tucker loved each of them so much and looked out for them like a parent. When the babies cried, he went into their nurseries to check on them. When they got off of the school bus, he was the first to run to the door to greet them.

When Tucker was around 5 years old we moved to a little seaside town in Massachusetts near Cape Cod. Tucker always loved to run, but the best runs of his life were on Duxbury beach. He wasn't a big fan of the water, but he was the biggest fan of chasing seagulls. He trained for three marathons with me and ran for miles and miles up and down the beach. Sometimes he would run so far ahead that I could only see a small brown speck in the distance on the shoreline, but he always came sprinting back to make sure I was still plodding along behind him. He was the most beautiful dog when he ran, and everyone in town laughed when he raced by them with a smile on his face and his ears flapping in the wind. He never did catch a seagull, but he had the best life trying. We miss him so much and know that life will never be the same without him! Lindsey

Note: Even though Tucker he had ties to Vizsla Rescue volunteers. All RB dogs need to be honored.