2nd Chance Vizsla Rescue, Inc. 3rd Annual Rescue Reunion
September 2015


We had our 3rd Annual Rescue Reunion at the usual park site. I was a little disappointed at the turn out, about one half of what I expected in attendance. Some of those missing had RSVP’d that they would attend. As a result we had a lot of good food left over. I understand that this just happened to be the year where a lot of people had other commitments and could not attend. The people who did show up with their dogs had a great time and enjoyed a fantastic barbecue menu. Kristen and I plan to organize a fantastic reunion for next year. Unfortunately or fortunately the date, weather wise, seems to be the best date for this time of year. Soooo hope to see you next year, the second Sunday of September. It has been suggested that I put the attendance problem to you adopters and volunteers and ask for suggestions on how to make the reunion even better and/or more fun. So here you go. Please submit your suggestions to me at spunki_61981@yahoo.com or Kristen at kwrona@mho.com and together we can make our next reunion one you will not want to miss.


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