Jack fka Frederick

July 30, 2015 – August 4, 2015


Hello there, my name is Jack fka Frederick. 2 CVR believes I was dumped by a mass breeder operation because of my age, not producing puppies. I was picked up and taken to the local animal shelter in Colorado Springs. Rescue thinks I am around 11 years old or older, no one knows for sure. My foster mom says I was heaven sent when they really needed it. They told me I am the prime example of a Velcro Vizsla. Whenever they turn around I am right there asking to be petted. They tell everyone that I am absolutely the sweetest old guy. I am missing some teeth and will need some dental work. I am really skinny, you can see my ribs and backbone sticking out and I don’t hear or see very well. The first time I barked was when I discovered a squirrel up in the tree. I keep exploring the back yard looking for more squirrels and other pesky animals. I really love exploring the backyard. They even have a Koi pond there and it is so much fun watching the fish. I even fell in once, didn’t like that too much. Buddy, my new Vizsla brother is showing me the ropes. My new mom threw a tennis ball for me and she was so surprised that I chased it and brought it back to her. My new family says they are trying to fatten me up, whatever that means. But one thing I do understand is that I am loved and they have said they will give me the best remaining years of my life.

Luck boy Jack