March 27, 2015 – May 34, 2015


Hi there, Allie here. I ended up with 2nd Chance Vizsla Rescue because the New Mexico shelter I was in called them. It just so happens that 2CVR picked up my sister, Sabrina, last year. 2 CVR told the shelter that they would send someone to pick me up. WOW!! They did send someone, he was a pilot and I got my first ever plane ride. That was sure fun.

I am a two year old Vizsla/Cocker mix, I am a little girl but I have the heart of a full size Vizsla. Have you ever heard the saying that “good things come in small packages”? Well that is me, let me show you.

Here is Allie’s success story as told by her new mom, Jennifer:

Allie is everything I had hoped for and so much more. So happy I didn't hesitate on reaching out to 2nd Chance Vizsla Rescue to adopt her. She is extremely loving, cuddly, playful and pretty well behaved with everything. I am so happy that we get to call her ours! She has fit right in with everyone. She is wonderful with the kids which was my main concern. It is amazing! She gets really excited to see them when they either wake up or come home from somewhere by licking them and playing with them. Our son Lincoln loves hugging her. It's adorable and Allie just patiently stands there. She is very tolerant of our wild 2.5 year old twins. Deuce, our older Vizsla, has taken a liking to her also. They lay next to each other on the couch & dog beds, they both are ball dogs which is fun for deuce, however, the old boy has trouble keeping up with her. She is quick! He doesn't know his limitations anymore. She taught him how to roll in the grass with his feet up in the air. It is so wonderful to watch! She does it all the time and he stands there and watches her while barking obnoxiously. He then goes to his favorite grassy spot and rolls around just like her. I absolutely love it! He seems pretty happy having Allie here. It is a huge relief for me knowing he won't be alone anymore and has found a new forever friend. Allie also does really well with our 18 year old cat! She gets a little sniffy with her but she doesn't seem to mind and just like a cat blows her off. Allie has definitely found her forever home with us! Thank you so much Rita!! Our family feels whole again.