June 18, 2015 – December 11, 2015


Hello, my name is Amelia. I was surrendered by my owner to the local animal shelter in Hobbs, NM. They never told the shelter my name. I am about 2 years old and my foster mom says it looks like I was used to pump out puppies. Rita from 2nd Chance Vizsla Rescue was alerted to my plight and quickly organized transport to bring me up to Colorado. A very nice man flew me up to Rita. That was really an experience. I had never been in a plane before.

Amelia’s Success Story….or a Foster Failure Story

Rita found me a wonderful foster family with Joe & Kristen. They had another Vizsla, Nutmeg. Someone who I could play with. For the first month or so Nutmeg, the nine year old, was not happy about me being at the house. Kristen says “For one thing, all of Nutmeg’s bad habits had to be curtailed so Amelia wouldn’t learn them. For a second thing, our walks took much longer as Amelia had to stop and smell every blade of grass”. But in the house, Nutmeg learned to ignore me and she found solace in the fact that upstairs she could escape me. At first I was afraid of the stairs and I knew in order to stay with my foster family at all times I needed to get over my fear. Each morning I would climb one or two stairs and then come back down. I finally got the courage after about a week and…hooray…I made it to the top! The stairs to the basement were a different story. I just couldn’t go down. One night, my foster dad, Joe scooped me up and brought me downstairs. In the basement there the doggy couch on which we get to sit and snuggle with Kristen & Joe. They never had to coax me downstairs again. They just announced it was snuggle time and in a flash I was downstairs. As the months went by I watched Nutmeg intently and learned the ways of the Joe & Kristen’s home and in return, Nutmeg learned to love me. I even made friends with our post man (someone Nutmeg adores) and will enjoy the sunshine on the front porch without bolting from the yard. I quickly learned to stay out of the dining room during dinner parties. One night during snuggle time I rolled over and slept on my back. Kristen & Joe knew at that point that I had decided this was my forever home. After another month, and morning roo roo greetings, my foster parents agreed too. – Kristen & Joe