May 1, 20113 – June 22, 2013


Hey I am Atari: My sister and I, we are about 13 months old, were rescued in Colorado Springs; boy was I ever glad to get out of the shelter. I wasn’t like those other guys in there, I had my sister with me but we were both scared of those other guys and not knowing why we were there. Don’t get me wrong, they took care of us and called 2nd Chance Vizsla Rescue.

These nice people from the rescue came and bailed us out, boy was that ever a relief. They were very nice people that took me and my sister Cambria to our foster home. I was really excited to see that there was a big back yard for us to play in because I am a pup with a lot of energy. They gave me lots food and plenty of snacks so I put on a few pounds while I was there. My foster parents had dogs of their own and they were sure fun to play with.

My sister, Cambria, and I had a lot of fun running all over the yard and smelling all of the new things we to discovered there. It was great fun to be able to play and go for walks in the trees and hills.

Then one day I had to say good bye to my sister, she was going to her forever home, I was sad that day. She and I had been together forever, but I could see that she was happy with her new people.

I was really sad the rest of that day. But I got over that the next day and had fun playing with the other guys and making myself at home in the house.

Then something special happened and I met some nice people that took me for a walk in the park. They decide that they really liked me and offered me a forever home, so I decided to go with them so I could make them happy; and me too. I said good bye to the foster people and we drove away.

I am very happy in my new home with these very nice people and their little daughter.

Thank all of you wonderful people that helped me out of prison and into a forever home.

Thank you, Atari