February 21, 2014 – June 14, 2014


Hi there my name is Boomer I’m a purebred Vizsla and very proud of it. I turned 7 years old on May 14 th. I’ve been living with a foster family in KS. My foster Dad really wanted to keep me cause I’m such a good boy! My foster Mom said no she said I deserved to be one of 2 V’s instead of one of 5 V’s. I really didn’t mind all the dogs, I played with them every day, but I came from a home that only had 2 V’s and that had been the case since I was 8 weeks old. My prior family loved me so much that I even got a vet check once a year even if I wasn’t sick! My buddy there died of old age and I was simply lost without him and started acting out plus things had changed in the house hold. So after talking to rescue people my family decided that rehoming was the best thing for me.
I have to tell you they were right! Thanks to all the wonderful people in 2nd Chance Vizsla Rescue I went to a wonderful new home. I have a new buddy who I play with all the time, I go on long car rides, and I get lots of kisses. My foster Mom really did know what I needed in a new home. My new Dad drove all the way from AZ to get me, HOW COOL IS THAT----clear to KS just to meet me!!! I knew he was my perfect Dad I didn’t want the other 4 V’s near him, because he was mine. I just want to tell everyone who helped get me home Thank you so much for all the work and time you spent finding me the perfect new home.

Thank you - Boomer