July 10, 2014 – September 1, 2014


Mazey came into rescue as an owner surrender. Her owner, a single man, had been out of work for some time. He had gotten Mazey in hopes of having time to train her as a hunting dog and buddy. He was offered a job in a nearby town, but the job was a 30 minute drive from his home. He was working a lot of overtime and as a result found himself with very little time for Mazey. He felt she deserved better, she was 7 months old and a little timid of people and other dogs; she needed some work on her house manners but did do well in a crate. We worked with her and it didn’t take long for her to come out of her shell. She was so rambunctious I tried to stuff her back in her shell. She loved playing with my dogs and had no problem with people here. Her new family was told that she may slip back into being timid at their house but she is worth the work to train her. Polly & Danny

Charlie’s story as told by John, her new dad:

We picked up Charlie fka Mazey from her foster home in Kansas on Labor Day 2014, and brought her to our home in Fort Collins. We knew of her past submissiveness and knew we could handle it. It took her a few weeks to drop her fears of being in a new environment (snapping and barking at unfamiliar situations). But eventually she settled in to our home and has been a wonderful addition to our family. Over the last month Charlie has become a source of love, humor, and comfort.

While she still vocalizes her concern on occasion, with a growl and bark at a passerby on the street, or at the front door, I'm happy to say that Charlie has "lost" most of the defensive posturing she demonstrated those first few trial weeks. Most importantly, toward her immediate family. We are confident she will continue to improve over time and matures out of puppyhood.

Almost two full months after first bringing Charlie home, we can report that she is happily walking on a leash through the neighborhood. We pass people and four legged strangers without much concern. She is happily jumping in our Jeep with Sam (our other Vizsla), anxious for another trip to run in a nearby field, or to visit the local dog park. At the dog park, which always presents itself with new experiences, she has learned that other dogs are much like herself. And their owners are not such bad people either! The dog park has been a great fast-track education on learning dog and people 'social queues' and has helped her grow in her confidence.

The other major factor in helping Charlie become well adjusted to other people and dogs, is her constant companion Sam (10 years old this January). He has provided her an immediate bridge to everything she now does in her daily routine, from walks, to potty breaks, greeting others, and knowing when to settle down (i.e., human dinner time), etc.. Without Sam, I'm certain our experience would be very different and a much slower process toward gaining confidence with the unknown.

Over the last couple of months, Charlie's personality has just blossomed. She has a nick name: 'clown dog' because she has proven to be quite the comedian! We look forward to many years of happiness and love with Charlie. We are very grateful to 2nd Chance Vizsla Rescue for allowing our home to be Charlie's forever home. She is a real treasure and we are so glad our paths crossed! – John & family