December 26, 2016 – March 10, 2017


Hell-o: my name is Coco; the name comes from my very dark brown coat. I was found in New Mexico, actually I was dumped in the yard of an animal lover. Rita from 2nd Chance Vizsla Rescue was notified of my plight and arranged for transport to the foster in Colorado Springs. It is estimated that I am approximately 6 yrs old. I am a very mellow young lady, and I do know some commands like sit, down and come. But I need more practice on the leash; I always want to be the first one there, where ever “there” is. I love to be noticed and I love a lot of pets, which means I will pester you until I get my fill, then come back for more.

I am the luckiest dog in the universe. I have a new loving family. Here is what my new mom says: Cocoa has effortlessly settled into our lives at an amazing speed. She has a toy box and goes to bring out her toys pretty much right after I put them away. She loves us throwing her toys then she runs to get them. She doesn't give them up readily but she sure has a fun time playing keep away. As you can see from the sleeping picture she has a few favorite spots already. She likes to nap on the chair and also on the back couch. Cocoa is not like some of the Velcro Vizslas. She loves to be petted but doesn't snuggle like some of our previous Vs. She prefers to hang outside in the back yard and stare at squirrels. She comes when we call her though. We call her in frequently so she won't become totally fixated on them. We wonder what her previous life was like. We think she might not have had to walk on much grass as she doesn't particularly like walking on the wet grass in the morning. We are so grateful and happy that she has come into our life. - Ilona