Cooper fka Rudy

June 7, 2013 – July 13, 2013


Hi I am Cooper fka Rudy, I am a neutered male Vizsla and the vet is guessing that I am probably 14 months or younger. I still have lots of puppy personality, just in a larger body. I was picked up as a stray in Pueblo, CO. Ms. Jennifer the Animal Care/Placement Coordinator knew a good thing when she saw it and called 2nd Chance Vizsla Rescue as she knew I would be a great dog for someone savvy with Vizslas.
It didn’t take long for me for find my perfect family. I now live in Arizona. I even have a swimming pool just like at my foster home. I live on a golf course and I love to watch the golfers. Sometimes I jump up and bark at the golfers. This is really funny! I really like spending time outside so I can stalk the birds. I also like to go swimming in the pool whenever I can. I still haven’t got this swimming thing down yet, but it is still fun and I can cool off.

I will let my new mom tell you the rest – “A typical day for Cooper is getting up at 5:30 with us, having his breakfast and going with me to take the kids to school. Then we go for our 3 mile walk. He plays with toys, and runs around outside and goes in the pool. He looks forward to coming with me to pick up the kids from school. I think he misses them during the day! Jordan plays with him, and Brandon takes him on runs about 3 or 4 times a week! He loves to roughhouse with Brad and loves playing with the football we bought him! We are a football family so Cooper is fitting in well playing football with Brandon and his friends. He sleeps in a bed in our room. He actually let me sleep in this Sunday until 7:45am. That is good for him! Cooper has become part of our family! Every day we see progress in his behavior and he is becoming more affectionate with us. He is learning the rules of the house. We are very impressed with how well behaved he is. We have taught him how to shake and Brandon is working on having him lay down. He is very smart. We discovered the first couple of days that he loves ice cubes! I put them in his water and he puts his whole face in his bowl to get them out. Then he will leave them all over the house. It is funny! He has started to beg next to the refrigerator if you are getting ice. We are really enjoying his personality, and observing his funny behavior. My daughter Jordan and I joke around that he is a typical boy, rolling around in the grass, always getting dirty and running around. We have a doggie door and Cooper enjoys going in and out all day! I think he may have been an outside dog before, but he is enjoying having the run of the house. He is a little mischievous, especially if he wants to play. He will take off with a shoe or whatever he can get a hold of to get your attention. We are really enjoying our new addition to the family. We can't thank 2nd chance Vizsla Rescue enough for giving us this wonderful dog. He has captured our hearts. We are so grateful to have him in our lives.” - Rachelle