Dakota Daisy aka Dakota

October 4, 2013 - October 14, 2013


Meet Dakota Daisy. We have truly been sent an angel. When we had to say goodbye to our last Vizsla this summer, I told her that when the time was right and she knew we were ready, to send us the right dog. We were actually searching for a small breed dog at our daughter’s request. She had claimed that while Vizsla’s were our (her parent’s) breed, they were not for her as they were too big and she wanted a lap dog she could walk, care for and snuggle with. Long story short, we started fostering for the Cocker Spaniel rescue when Rita called and asked us to take in a Vizsla. I reluctantly agreed as I figured we had our hands full with a small dog foster. Little did I know, higher powers were at work when we brought Dakota home to foster. It was almost instant how she fit in. We had no intentions of keeping her or adopting a Vizsla at this time, but Dakota knew we were to be her new family. Her manners were unbelievable. Our daughter fell in love immediately as we all did. Our daughter walked her from day one. Dakota listened to her intently and would sit at every curb before crossing the street. We had long discussions about how adopting Dakota would mean we wouldn’t be able to adopt a small dog. Every issue we brought up that our daughter thought was a trait only of small dogs, Dakota would prove she could do. She even showed many times how she could be a 50lb lap dog. Dakota loves to sit and have our daughter read to her. She loves to walk with the kids, loves to play ball and brings and gives the ball right back. Dakota runs to you when you get out of the shower as she can’t wait for the hair dryer – she loves to lean on you with the warm air – makes us all laugh. Oh, and not to mention, Dakota is absolutely beautiful! Dad is super excited as Dakota loves to point and supposedly has a hunting background so the two of them will be off hunting birds soon. I am excited to have a running partner and companion during the work day. We have had a rough year and Dakota has brought so much love, joy, laughter, and family time back in our house in such a short period of time. She is not a replacement for the Vizslas we have loved and lost, but yet another family member that we will have years of memories with and our hearts have already expanded to let her in. While we didn’t think we were looking for a Vizsla, obviously we were wrong and others, including Dakota knew exactly what we needed. Thank you Rita for gently pushing us to foster and thank you Roni for picking up our sweet girl and nurturing her in the transition period! And of course thank you to Hailey and Amber for watching over us and guiding Dakota to our family. - Alyssa