Davie fka David

January 16, 2013 – February 9, 2013

Hi I’m Davie, this is my story. Rescue says I might be a Vizsla/Redbone Coonhound mix. I’m from New Mexico and was let go by my previous owners. Probably because I was diagnosed with Valley Fever. And I ended up in an animal shelter. I was scheduled to be euthanized, but a very smart lady recognized that I am too special, so she contacted the rescue. 2nd Chance Vizsla Rescue put me in the care of a very good vet experienced in treating Valley Fever and it is under control now. The vet also discovered that I had an old fracture in my front leg which caused me to limp sometimes.

I stayed with my foster family for a short time before finding my dad. I love both of my new parents, but my dad is special to me. When I first came to live with them, I was very insecure. I needed constant reassurance and was afraid to meet new people. The first night home, my new parents put me in my kennel then went to their room. I of course cried enough to keep them awake. They gave in and let me sleep in their room and I have been there ever since. I am quite persistent and I wanted to be in their bed. They are more persistent than I am though, so we came to an understanding. My mom would touch me until I felt safe enough to lie down and go to sleep. We don’t have to do that now.

As I said before, I was afraid to meet new people. Now, I like to meet people and everyone is my friend. My mom & dad have grandkids. They are 8 and 3. I like to play with them and am very gentle. When I go places with my dad I have met people with special needs and I really like to spend time with them. My parents think I would make a great therapy dog. My mom wants to take me to where she works.
I do seem to have a problem staying out of trouble for chasing the cats that I live with. I’m supposed to make friends, but I think it is more fun chasing. Maybe one day we can be friends.


Update: June 15, 2013

A rescue dog is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get. And, nothing could be more true in regards to Davie.

Davie came into rescue as a discarded dog. His family didn't want him any more once he was diagnosed with Valley Fever. Thankfully being a young dog, he only had a mild case. Davie is not a purebred Vizsla. We think he is a Vizsla/Redbone Coonhound mix.

His foster mom said he was a true gentleman and very sweet, so no problem in finding him a home. And we did just that. His new mom & dad are a perfect match. Not long after he was adopted he showed a specific talent, he gravitated toward humans with medical needs. Davie's new mom & dad thought Davie would make a perfect therapy dog and they followed up with the process of certifying Davie to become a therapy dog.

Here is Suzzette's latest update on Davie's progress:

"Rita Just wanted to give you a quick update. Davie has been approved to be a pet therapy dog and the Colorado Mental Health Institute - Pueblo. He has gone to work with me one day so far. His first day was a little overwhelming. We have 20 patients as well as all the staff. He definitely had preferences as to who he wanted to let pet him. He also had to go on an elevator, I'm guessing his first experience. We also went on a catwalk and stairs that were uncomfortable for him to walk on. That leads to a big yard for him to run free in, otherwise we have to walk on a leash. Good thing it was only a partial day. :-) We went back on another day that I was off just to pick something up and it was much better. He hasn't got his badge yet. He gets that on Monday. I will send you a picture of him with his official badge on. That's all for now."