November 10, 2014 – December 22, 2014


Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. My name is Ernie and I am 2 years old, but I feel I am 9 months old. My foster mom says it seems like I don’t have an “off” switch. My previous mom & dad got a divorce and I went to live with dad in an apartment. I had to stay there 24/7. There was a nice person that would come and let me out to get a little exercise (this was not enough for me).  My dad taught me a lot of commands and I do them real good.

My foster mom, Rita, worked with me a lot to get me ready for my forever family. She said I was like a 9 month old V in a 2 yr old V body. Rita found the perfect home for me. A wonderful retired couple sent in an application. They had just lost their beloved Vizsla a short time ago and were missing her terribly. Since they are retired they will have time for just me 24-7. Plus I get to live in the mountains. I am such a lucky boy since my story could have had a much different outcome.

My new dad takes me out very often, like every day, to play in a fenced-in school yard to play with a lot of other dogs. My new dad throws a tennis ball & Frisbee and I just love it. I really don’t get tired of that. I also get to play with the other dogs. There is one dog that I get to walk with every morning. He is a neighbor dog that comes over every morning for our walk. Another great thing is that I have gained some more weight. I was pretty skinny when I first came into rescue.