Ginger II

July 30, 2017 – October 17, 2017


Sweet Miss Ginger was surrendered by her loving elderly owner after his wife suddenly passed and he had to move to senior housing where he could not have a dog. By all accounts she was their baby and her demeanor and disposition showed that she was showered with love her whole life. She was great with other dogs, great with kids, and much younger-acting than her years.

Just before her 11th birthday (October 30th), Ginger’s new forever family came to meet her – all the way from California! Having owned four Vs previously, Carolyn & Cliff knew all about the breed – all of their quirks, their special needs at times, and mostly about the unique love only a Vizsla can provide – and were ready to add one back in, after having lost their beloved Loomis over the summer. Their senior Dachshund whom Loomis left behind had been very sad without him. And Carolyn had even said in recent weeks before they noticed Ginger’s post, “Cliff, we should look to rescue a girl and name her Ginger!” Undaunted by the idea of adopting a senior, they took Ginger’s post as a sign and became determined to meet her.