March 5, 2016 – May 9, 2016


My name is Gracie. I found myself in a shelter in Utah. Unfortunately I don’t speak human, but the humans that found me think I was kept in a breeding facility (commonly known as “puppy mill”). A rescue volunteer in UT contacted 2nd Chance Vizsla Rescue in Colorado and they had a space open for me. They even had a pilot on call who picked me up and flew me to a volunteer in Grand Junction, CO. That was quite the experience and first class I might add! My first foster mom was really nice but I didn't get along so well with one of her dogs so another nice lady picked me up and I went to her house. I really liked my new foster parents because there was a young human girl who I really liked playing with and there was also a small dog who I thought was my puppy. He wasn't too happy about me always trying to snuggle him and I was a little confused about that but eventually we became friends. My foster parents took me camping, running and let me snuggle with them on the couch! I realized that my way of life was no life at all and knew it was all about to change for the better.

After being with my foster parents for a few weeks, I met some other really nice people who really liked me and I really liked them! I visited them in their home and discovered that I was going to be the only child, human and dog! Wow, what a score for me, I get so spoiled with them! My new family, Bernie & Amanda, always tell me how well behaved I am and tell me how lucky THEY are to have me. I think I'm the lucky one!