December 14, 2017 – January 20, 2018


Hello, my name is Hank, I am 9 years old. I was surrendered by my human mom along with my brother, Harley who is 7. My mom said her life had become too busy as a single mom for her “boys” to have the life we deserved. She works two jobs and is raising two teenage girls. She had been tormented about this for over a year and didn’t want to give us to just anyone. She sought out 2nd Chance Vizsla Rescue to take us in as she knew 2CVR would help us find a great new home.

I ended up being fostered by an incredible guy. His name is Kevin and he has two Vizsla sisters, Stella and Gigi, who happen to be half siblings to me and Harley. In January I got to meet my new forever family. It was an easy meet and greet and of course I was friendly and eager to spend time getting to know these new people. After I showed them some walking and simple command work they said it was an easy choice and wanted to make me part of their family.

I am loving life with my new family! Every morning I get to go on a 2-3 mile walk, but what I enjoy even more is my afternoon walk and romp at a local dog park, where I get to go off leash and have some play time with new four legged pals. My new dad is helping me stay sharp and each day we work on new and old skills and commands. I love these challenges and the other canine parents are jealous of my well-behaved manner and training.

Here is an update from my new dad:

The first big hurdle for Hank was of course living in a new home and learning some new rules, but he adaptive nicely, and was quick to pick up on the family’s way of living. His biggest hurdle was getting Shimana, the cat, to accept him. Shimana had lived with two dogs in the past, but for the last five years she has been the one and only non-human resident in our house-hold. She got used to it, and was very reluctant to greet the new family member. However, Hank is persistent and just wanted to be friends. Finally Shimana gave in, and accepted he was going to be around.

Hank has the basics down very well. He can sit, shake one or both front paws, lay down, and do a sitting wait. He does retrieve, but right now only on his schedule. We will be working more on that skill shortly. When lounging about in the house, Hank enjoys playing with his toys, hanging out in the backyard with Maggie and me, or cuddling on my big chair by the television. Hank also enjoys car rides, and sniffing out new environments on our travels. All in all Hank is a joy to have in our lives, and we look forward to many years with him.

-Terry and Maggie