December 14, 2017 – January 21, 2018


Hi, my name is Harley, I am a 7 year old neutered male Vizsla but I have the energy of a younger Vizsla. I was surrendered along with my older brother, Hank, to 2CVR. My mom said her life had become too busy after her divorce for her “boys” to have the life we deserved. She works two jobs and is raising two teenage girls. She had been tormented about this for over a year and didn’t want to give us to just anyone. She sought out 2nd Chance Vizsla Rescue to take us in as she knew 2CVR would help us find a great new home.
I am playful and active, even though I need reassurance in new situations and I am initially somewhat shy, especially towards men, but warm up once I know I am safe. I am a happy boy but I am sound sensitive. I don’t like thunder, fireworks, or loud noises. If you cover me up or hug me I am okay. I actually love to bury myself in my blanket.
I am now in a wonderful new home in New Mexico. At first I was scared and unsure of this transition and the desert of southern New Mexico. Where is all the grass? In Oklahoma there was always grass for me to take care of my business. New family, no grass…all this change was too much for me and everything was scaring me. I was even totally freaked out by a black garbage bag full of yard waste on my first day with my new family. They were worried that they couldn’t help me past my fearfulness, but when back in their home I snuggled up in my new cozy bed by the fireplace and started to settle in. I wasn’t going to give up on them and they weren’t giving up on me. Now we are 4 weeks later and my new dad is happy to report I am a different dog.
Here’s is some of my “report card”:
Harley is a joy to be with, loyal to us and has been mostly off leash around our property and Linda’s studio since week 2. Week 2 and 3 he was free to interact with about 150 visitors to the studio For the Love of Art Month. We couldn’t have had a better ambassador. Little kids came to visit and within minutes had their arms wrapped around him and he loved it. We had thought with his issues and all the people he would want to head to the house.
All 3, Harley and us, stuck with each other, worked hard and made it work. Every day is better than the last.
A 6 mile walk each morning, chasing the ball in the afternoon, lots of rides in the pickup, and naps in the studio and Harley is a happy guy!