January 1, 2014 – August 19, 2014

Hi I am Huckleberry; I am a 4 year old purebred male Vizsla. I was surrendered by my owner whom got me directly from Hungary as a pup. I have been all over the world, even have my own passport. When my military family was stationed in Germany I did search and rescue with my dad. My owners came back to the states but my dad still was being deployed for 6 months at a time. I grew bored and tried to take over being boss in his absence. This didn’t go over well with the other dog or the new baby. I needed a job and more attention than was available; so with much regret and trying to do what was best for me, my owners contacted 2CVR in hopes of finding me a happy home where I could be the only dog and show my humans what an amazing dog I truly am.

I loved my time with my foster family, but I really wanted a family of my own. Then one day in July, I got to meet this gal who drove all the way from Phoenix, AZ area to meet me. Well I thought she was the bomb! I was being my jovial, funny, playful self and then started to get very excited and I think I scared her so I focused really hard and sat like a gentleman even though I was shaking with excitement. I am told that was the trick. When I got excited she became a little concerned I was too much for her but when I sat she said she could tell I really wanted to be a gentleman and I captured her heart right then and there. End of story right? Well no it wasn’t she drove back to Arizona and I thought well she must just have been visiting and really liked dogs – me in particular. As it turns out she was getting ready to go out of the country and was arranging to fly into Albuquerque after her trip, rent a car and pick me up for the drive back to Arizona. I didn’t know any of this and one day my foster mom and dad took me to a park and while I was romping in the grass I saw someone get out of a car (this was happening around me and I didn’t take notice of any other cars) and it was Jill from Arizona! My ears perked up and I immediately wanted to go to her. I had been right all along – Jill was meant to be my mom!

Jill has reported that Huck is wonderful, funny, and just so happy! They love going on morning walks every day, but recently saw a snake so she plans to get Huck snake proofed. They also have started taking obedience class together and Huckleberry may even get his feet wet with dock jumping. - Katherine