Jazzy aka Jasmine

July 18, 2013 - Oct 25, 2013


Hi I am Jazzy a spunky Doberman mix. When I was about 9 months, I was surrendered to a small shelter in New Mexico. The shelter had only 8 kennels and 10 dogs and seeing some Vizsla in me they contacted 2CVR hoping they could help me find a home. I was lucky and 2CVR extended their hearts to me and picked me up even though I turned out to be predominately Doberman. I was an overly excited, reactive, anxious, stressed, energetic, young pup with no manners, no house training, who liked to jump and grab. I was a lot for my foster mom, Katherine, but she saw the good in me and with time and help from volunteers from the Doberman Rescue of NM they helped her and I find a balance and I started improving.

I am now in a wonderful home in Colorado and have a brother, Thor, a purebred Vizlsa only a couple months older than me. Thor and I didn't miss a beat in becoming quick friends. Although I was wary around him when we first met at a park, and barked furiously at him, I soon started following him around for everything. We eat together, share water, play and run around together, and even nap together.
My new owner, Mike, is in the army but shipping off in a few months and his roommate, Tim, will be looking after me as they are co-owners – how awesome am I to have two dads, I feel like a champion show dog! Did I mention Tim is great with dogs and has been patiently working with me on my behavior? They both have been so incredible and I absolutely love my forever home and family!

Here is some of what Tim says about me…”Jazzy’s socializing has been a gradual process, since she did feel some sort of apprehension at the sight, and possibly just the smell, of other dogs in the vicinity. Every time she went out to the backyard, she would bark progressively less in a defensive manner at neighboring dogs, and more as greetings or calls to play. After some time getting used to strange dogs being around, we introduced her to another Vizsla who plays with Thor occasionally. It was quite a sight to see the three of them running around together, one coherent pack of speedy puppies. She has met other dogs, and her barking issue never surfaced again.”

“Her recall has been magnificent lately (better than Thor’s), and she is slowly, but surely, learning the rules of the house. Her separation anxiety is quite bad, but it has improved much since her first time being left alone (from the humans of the house). She has put on a significant amount of weight, and her coat looks incredibly healthy compared to when we first took her up. All in all, it really seems like she is a great fit with us. We have nothing to complain of, as she is a sweetheart. She even has little quirks that we've fallen in love with, such as groaning (very much human-like) when she wants something, or if we wake her from her naps.”