Jed fka J.D.

March 2, 2014 – April 28, 2014


Hello there. My name is Jed aka J.D. and I am a purebred 8 month old male Vizsla. My sister, Molly, and I got out of our yard and were having a lot of fun running and romping around loose in Sothern New Mexico but our partying days were short lived as we were caught by animal control. Once at the shelter, our owners were contacted; but they didn’t come to pick us up. We were sad; but at the time didn’t realize how wonderful things were going to work out. The shelter contacted 2nd Chance Vizsla Rescue and they came and picked us up. We got to go for a car ride to Colorado where my sister and I were fostered at different homes. I was fostered by these two amazing people and got to meet new brothers and sisters, some of which are also fosters like me. Well, I turned on my charm, I have quite a great personality you see, and my foster parents fell in love with me and were very excited about having me around full time so they started the adoption process to adopt me. How great is that – they now officially belong to me! I have a very large backyard that I get to play in and I don’t feel the need to run off around the country side. I even hear my sister is quite happy and has been adopted and she too has a new brother. We are so lucky! My new siblings and I chase squirrels and I even point birds on the bird feeders. It is so much fun! I also like to sit in laps to give love and to be loved and taking naps on laps is my mission. This is the good life! Thank you 2CVR. - Jed