February 12, 2014 – June 5, 2014


Hello everyone with the wonderful 2nd Chance Vizsla Rescue organization. I was rescued from the Boulder shelter some time back and have been living with my foster people, who didn’t seem to mind that I talked all the time. They even gave me toys to play with, well me and the other dogs that live here, but they soon learned that they were my toys, I really don’t like to share.
Just when I was beginning to think that no one wanted me except the people I was staying with (I am no longer a pup you know); two wonderful people came to visit me two weeks ago, Tara and Todd. They came all the way from Virginia just to meet me. They were really nice to me and made a big fuss, I did too, we talked and played and had snacks; I just knew they we were a perfect match. But then they had to leave and didn’t put a lead on me so I could go too. Wait? What? I wanted them to know that I liked them very much, I ran upstairs to look out the window at them hoping they could see I really like them.
I was really feeling bad that maybe they didn’t like me after all. But I wanted them to know that I liked them very much, so I ran upstairs to look out the window at them and let them know I liked them. After they drove away I stayed at the window looking for them to realize they forgot me, I was really disappointed and figured they didn’t want me after all.
Then a week went by and I got the surprise of my life, Todd was at the door! I ran up to him and made a big fuss; one more chance to show him that I belonged with him and it worked. I didn’t realize Tara & Todd were just making arrangements to take me back to Virginia. Todd took me to his truck and loaded me in the back with a new bed and blanket. I said good bye to my foster family and Todd and I set out for my new forever home in a faraway place called Virginia.
Thanks to all of you great people who helped me find me new forever home.

-Lani, the 8 year old girl from Boulder.