March 2, 2014 – April 15, 2014


Hi friends! My name is Molly and I am one of the sweetest and spunkiest 8 month old Vizslas you will ever meet! My friends and extended family at 2nd Chance Vizsla Rescue found me at a shelter in New Mexico and brought me to beautiful Colorado to find my forever home! I lived with my Foster Dad, David, and three Vizsla sisters and learned so much about cuddling, snuggling and playing! About the same time, my soon-to-be new Mom, Kelly, and soon-to-be Vizsla brother, Hans, had also recently moved back home to Colorado after living in Montana for several years. Kelly and Hans were looking for another Vizsla to join their little family and I was so excited when they came to visit me at David’s house! It was love at first sight! Hans decided that I was going to be the coolest little puppy sister ever and we chased each other non-stop. A few days later, Kelly and Hans brought me home to my forever home and our family could not be happier! I love playing with all of the fun squeaky toys and play wrestling with my new brother. I love when he chases me and one of my favorite things is for Hans and me to run and chase each other at the park. When we go to the parks to play, people stop and watch us and laugh as we run in circles and play wrestle with one another. I am learning how to swim and Mom wades into the water with me to help me learn. Hans helps too and he is teaching me how to fetch tennis balls from the water! But my most favorite thing to do is to snuggle and cuddle with my Mom and brother, I love it so much! Since I have found my forever home, we have gone hiking, trail running and I love exploring new trails! I am also attending beginner dog school with Mom to learn some fun new things like stay, lay down and wait because I sure love to chase birds and butterflies when we are out playing! Thank you so much to Rita, Sharon and David for helping me find my forever home!!