Moose aka Cisco

September 27, 2017 – February 15, 2018


Hello Cisco fka Moose here. I found my forever home with Timothy in Reno. Since I am a big boy and my klutzy behavior my new forever family changed my name back to “Moose”. I am having a wonderful time, not gambling, but chasing my new little friend and playing with tennis balls, I can carry three of them in my mouth at one time. Not long after I moved here, we had a big snow storm, two feet of new white snow that I have been jumping in and making tunnels and trails through. I am still a dedicated counter cruiser and I have been caught sitting in a chair at the table eating someone else’s cheese burger, MMM good. Oh yes, I have seizures and since my adoption, my meds have been reduced. Must be my happy home life.

Thank all of you for helping me find these wonderful people and my forever home, I love it.