Phoenix fka Cargo

May 30, 2015 – September 8, 2015


Hello everyone, my name is Phoenix fka as Cargo. I was surrendered by my family to 2nd Chance Vizsla Rescue because of a change in my former dad’s work hours. With this change I would have to be crated for 8-10 hours a day. I went to a very nice foster home in CO; but I was being a hand full – I was only 7 months old. So I was sent to another foster home where my new foster Mom, is a dog trainer, she didn’t let me get away with A-N-Y-thing.

Shortly after I arrived my foster dad, started talking about me staying there forever. They had lost a beloved Vizsla in April, his name was Chester, plus Dad had wanted to save another rescue named Boomer, but Mom said no. My usual puppy cuteness wasn’t working on Mom so I had to be on my best behavior to try and help Dad’s cause. It worked! Mom gave in and filled out an application online to adopt me. BUT, she said my name had to go. ‘CARGO’ to her sounded like a Rottie not a Vizsla. Dad suggested Ruger, but Mom said “Do you know how many Vizslas I know who are named Ruger?” Anyway Mom came up with a clever idea…call me Phoenix since a phoenix is the Ruger Gun Company’s emblem. I decided right away that I liked Phoenix and started coming to my new name.

I ended up going to a foster home that turned into my forever home and I am so happy! I also have a 10 year old sister, Bailey; an 8 year old brother, Diesel; and a 2 year old brother, Drifter. Then there are 3 cats. Besides the 14 year old, Benny, the other 2 cats keep to themselves and hang out in the front bedroom when we dogs are in the house. I have a huge backyard to run and play in. When the weather cools down we will be going for off leash runs away from town.

Thank you to all who helped me get to my forever home! - Phoenix

From Polly, new mom fka foster mom … Phoenix, Diesel and Drifter are good buddies. They do the zoomies in the backyard all the time. Danny and I sit in the yard to play ball with them every day. Bailey does join in once in a while but she says those kids are too wild for her. I have always said “Don’t shop, adopt from a rescue or a shelter.” So I adopted from 2nd Chance Vizsla Rescue.

Thank you for a very smart and sweet young V - Danny & Polly