December 30, 2014 – September 5, 2015


Hi there Everybody, Riley here, Miss Riley Big Ears or also known as Miss Fussy Pants. It’s been awhile since I have been in touch, but I’ve been super busy. I have some very good news guys, I got ADOPTED, that’s right folks I went home! A wonderful family decided that I was the only dog for them. I could barely believe my ears when my foster Mom told me. They got approved to adopt ME and then they came out to meet me on September 5th. Well it was love at first sight. My forever Mom’s name is Gloria and my Dad’s name is Sonny how cool is that? They brought me my very own collar that had never been used, a brand new crate and a soft cozy crate pad. Now the crate is one of those escape proof ones (darn it). I have in the past enjoyed playing Houdini. My foster Mom didn’t see the humor in the game so she ratted me out before my new family even got here. Oh I have a new sister also, her name is Bella; she is a Chihuahua Poodle mix. She is real nice to me, but as my foster Mom says I tend to be a bit bossy. I think with a little bit of time and some correction from Mom plus Dad we will become good friends. I really don’t want to hurt Bella just make sure she doesn’t try to be the boss of me I’m a bossy boots and a DIVA. My new family didn’t have a problem with my special diet and understood how hard my foster Mom tried to get me on the same dog food as all the other dogs, but it gave me a tummy ache. So it’s low fat for life. Wish someone would have told me that people food is not good for Divas, but who am I kidding I’d have eaten it anyway it’s tasty. Thank you to all who helped me get well and helped find the perfect forever home for me. Love you all - Riley

From Polly, foster mom. Riley was ready to leave with her family right after they put her new collar on. She went directly to the front door. Gloria pulled out the new leash and that was it, Riley was ready to go. We went on the front porch for a family photo and Riley was too excited and wouldn’t stand still. She went right over to their SUV and tried to jump up into the back, but she did let Sonny lift her up. She went right into her crate and laid down, she gave Danny a quick goodbye kiss and also gave me one. It’s great when a dog picks their new home and Riley did pick these people. It was a pleasure to watch Miss Riley go from a dog in pain to a healthy and happy “Little Miss Fussy Pants”. Who now weighs 39 pounds has a slick shiny coat and bright Vizsla colored eyes even her nose leather has lightened.

I got another pay check from a rescued Vizsla - Polly