August 16, 2016 – February 4, 2017


Hello world my name is Rio! I was picked up by Valencia Country Animal Control wandering around the New Mexico desert. I was a lonely, nameless, little boy; hungry, very skinny, and covered with ticks and scratches; oh and I was only 4 months old. The desert holds the secret to my origins but guesses are Vizsla/Lab mix. Even though I am a mix of unknown origins my red coat, matching red nose, and sweet nature convinced the good people over at 2nd Chance Vizsla Rescue to give me a second chance or really a first chance for a better life.

With the Rio 2016 Olympics in full swing when I came into foster care, and with hidden illnesses revealing themselves (kennel cough and giardia), my foster mom decided to name me Rio as she knew I was going to come through and be a winner. All those nasty problems and at such a young age did a number on my immune system but with the loving care of my foster parents and 2CVR I came through and was ready to find my forever family.

It was the beginning of February and my foster mom told me a special family was driving all the way from South Dakota to meet me – they even had to go through a snow storm!

I was on my best behavior when we first met. I think I impressed them with how well-mannered I was for a puppy and of course being this handsome helps. I thought these are my family! When we were all done at the park I immediately tried to get in my new family’s car, but my foster mom had to explain to me that I was going back to my foster home for one more night as the 5 year boy not only was getting a new puppy he was going to get to see the dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum. I didn’t mind as I love playing with the other Vizslas and Vizsla/Dobie mix at my foster home and who doesn’t love bones! The next morning OH BOY I was so excited to see my new family again! I even forgot my manners and jumped up on everyone. I just couldn’t contain my excitement!

I am just so excited and love my new family! Here is an update from my new mom, Kelly:

Rio has been with us a month now. He quickly made himself at home and is quite a snuggler. He loves his big sister Gypsy (a Golden Retriever) and harasses her to play with him! He enjoys going for walks and is such a good boy in the neighborhood. He doesn't bark at any of the other dogs, although he wants to chase the deer! He is not so sure about all of this snow in South Dakota, but very curious about what could be looming under the snow! He also loves to go out to the Golf Course and play fetch with Gypsy and Dad. He has a cat friend in the house too, but they keep their distance. He is still in his chewing phase and we continue to learn to put our favorite things away, as they quickly become his favorite too, lol.

Rio has his own 5 year old little boy to chase around. That kid always seems to have snacks, and Rio thinks it is fun to follow him around to see what he is up too or what he is going to have next. His room has so many fun things to chew on! Rio is very smart and will knock over drinks with his nose in order to lap it up! He is definitely still growing and totally still puppy. He is spoiled with toys and comfy beds and blankets and there is always a lap welcoming him in. We love him so much!!

All is well in Rio's life. He is learning the rules and boundaries, and definitely aims to please. He is also a bit sassy and talks back when he is scolded. He will be going to a well puppy check-up in about a month and I am anxious to see what he weighs. I know he was 42# when we got him, but I can tell he has grown!

Thank you for taking such good care of him, while he waited for us to find him. We are one lucky family! - Kelly