Rudy fka Sam

January 23, 2014 – July 12, 2014


Hello everyone it’s me Rudy fka Sam! I am a 5 year old purebred Vizsla. My former owner bought me as a pup from an out of state breeder. This breeder had somehow crushed my foot and never sought vet treatment for me. The fellow who turned me over to rescue had me for approximately 4 years and never did anything to try and fix my leg either. I even made my second family a tidy sum of money as I sired some beautiful puppies that they sold. However, they made me stay outside all of the time no matter how cold it was, and let me tell you, cold weather really made my leg hurt. But I didn't matter, so they never brought me inside out of the freezing cold.

And then, my life was turned upside-down. A lady who called herself my foster mom, came to my house, put me in her car and drove me to her house. I got to go INSIDE the house. I got a soft warm bed. I was fed good food. I got to sit on her lap and she held me close to her heart. She kept telling me 2nd Chance Vizsla Rescue was going to fix my leg. I couldn't believe it, I was 5 years old and I had never mattered to anyone.

I found out that people who didn’t even know me had donated over $3,700 for my required surgery to remove my leg. My foster mom told me that because of me, other Viszlas in pain will be helped too. All because of me, me, little Rudy. And then it hit me like a ton of kibble falling on my head, I mattered. I matter to 2nd Chance Vizsla rescue. I matter to my foster mom. I matter to total strangers. I matter enough for total strangers to want to help me.

I now hold my head a lot higher and run a lot faster and it's all because 2nd Chance Vizsla and a lot of wonderful and generous people that think I matter. I cannot thank you enough, but if I ever meet any of you I will give you tons of kisses! I now can run and play and am very happy to no longer be in pain and the best part is I finally found my forever home! Boy, it was worth the wait too. It was love at first sight for all of us. We met in a park and I just couldn’t believe it when they said they wanted to adopt me. I wanted them too so much.

My first night with my new family we spent in a motel. I never stayed in a motel before. I was trying to let everybody know that I got adopted and this was my new family. It was funny. I’m so proud to have a family of my very own. They are so nice and love me sooooo much. And guess what? They are all expert tummy rubbers. I just can’t believe this happened to me!

I even have a job. I keep the squirrel in the tree and chase bunnies out of the yard. I’m pretty good at it too. I just can’t thank 2nd Chance Vizsla Rescue enough for all they have done for me. I’m just so happy. I have a human brother who is 13 and a human sister who is 17. I’m a lucky dog! My new mom and dad are super nice and they all give me so much love. They say they think they won the lottery dog, but really it’s me who has won the lottery forever and ever home! Thanks everybody for making me the happiest boy in the world!

Love and kisses and more kisses – Rudy.