May 27, 2015 – September 28, 2015


Hello there. Let me introduce myself. My name is Rufus and I am a distinguished gentleman Vizsla around 11 years old. I was picked up as a stray by Colorado Springs Humane Society and they think I was probably dumped as no one came to claim me. I sat at the shelter for over two weeks -- sad, alone, and confused as to why I was there. Then my world changed again and this time for the better!
I was rescued by a wonderful 2nd Chance Vizsla Rescue foster volunteer. I have been eternally grateful ever since that day and I am rarely more than a few feet away from her when we're at home. The first day I was with them I jumped into the shower with my foster mom (my homage to the movie “Psycho”) but since then I have learned to stay outside the tub; parking myself between the shower curtain and the liner and sitting patiently 'til she is done.
My vision and hearing are on the wane, and I have degeneration of my facial muscles – which gives me a very old and wise look. I do have one bad habit and that is that I am a world class counter surfer. But despite my 'quirks', my foster mom says I am the most caring, gentle, loving foster dog she has EVER had. She has seen my talent as a nurse and how I seem to know when someone is hurting. I will snuggle up with my chin on my patient’s back or will be wrapped around cold feet and I will lie there quietly for hours, willing my patient to get better. I rarely bark, but can be coaxed into a roo-roo duet with the other V while my foster parents howl backup. My biggest thrill in life is snuggling and getting an occasional treat.
From Dani - When Rita asked us to foster an older dog who had been picked up as a stray (read dump job) we were reluctant. This dog sounded like he had lots of issues, he was old; no one wants old dogs, and we'd just come off five months of stressful fostering of another Vizsla. My husband stated very emphatically, "we are NOT keeping this dog." "Of course not, honey," I mumbled.

So, I picked up this very bizarre looking, old man Vizsla, who had horrid breath, ear infections, eye infections, a gimpy back leg, and possibly polymyositis, a facial muscular degenerative condition unique to Vizslas. Who knew that he would fit right into our family and daily routine?! Yup, even with all those issues to be addressed, Rufus (we named him because of his long suffering, pained expression and somber demeanor) this dog made himself right at home and after a few weeks and a half-hearted attempt at putting him up for adoption, we realized Rufus was right where he needs to be...with us.

He is my devoted companion - rarely leaves my side when I'm home - cuddles me when I'm feeling unwell, surfs our counters with a stealthy talent that leaves us speechless, sits sentinel when we take showers, and makes friends with all the dogs and people we meet on daily walks. We don't know if he has five months or five years left. It doesn't matter. We do know that he is happy, getting good care, and his final time will be joyful for all of us. – Dani & Mark