June 18, 2014 - July21, 2015


Here is Rusty, a 10 year old, purebred Vizsla. He was taken to the local shelter by his owners. They said they could not afford to keep him anymore. Whatever that means. I have lived with them my whole life.

Rusty is a true gentleman. One of his favorite things is chasing bunnies. He just loves racing out to the dog yard hoping to find a bunny. He is a really fast runner in spite of his age.

Here is Rusty’s success story in his own words.

“Hi Rita,

“I am having a fabulous time at my new house. They have a big dog pillow for me in each room that we spend time as a family. And they are making one for the school room. I have Caris & Seth trained to sit by me & pet me .

“Every morning, when it is nice & cool, we take a walk to a huge grassy park. I have a really long leash; boy there are lots of things to smell. After my walk, Caris brushes me. It is fun to sit in the cool grass with her.

“My backyard is great. Seth told me I am in charge of keeping rabbits & squirrels out of our garden. I am enclosing a picture of us. We were hunting for Mr. Squirrel. He is public enemy #1. We found him & I chased him up a tree. Seth said I am a great dog. It was a very fun game.

“We took a family trip to Petsmart. You should see all the toys. That was my favorite isle. Next, time we are going to Petco!

“Well, I have to go. Caris & I are going to water her flowers. She needs my help.