October 19, 2012 – December 29, 2012


Seanna was surrendered by her owner who was moving out of state. I found her to be just about the most perfect foster I have ever had. She was a very special girl and I wanted to make sure she had the perfect home. My new family found me and here is my new mom’s story about me.

Six year old Sienna came to live with us only a month ago but it seems like we have always been a family. Although we all still need some training (not just Sienna!), the transition to living in our home with two active boys has been gone better than we had ever imagined.

Seanna protects us fiercely, listens and obeys very well, loves her new backyard which has several areas for bone burying, one area for going to the bathroom (she decided this on her own) and tons of space to play catch with a tennis ball, chase squirrels and play with her doggie friends who come to visit.

Although there are so many dogs we could have adopted or purchased, and so much advice to get a puppy or a different breed, we could not be happier to have found Sienna. She is a true Velcro Vizsla with love in her heart for her family and everyone she meets. - Lori