June 17, 2015 – September 27, 2015


Hello there, my name is Willow and I am around 6 to 8 months old. They say I am a Vizsla/German Shorthair mix. You can see the red Vizsla coat underneath my mahogany color. But no one knows as I was picked up by animal control in a small village in New Mexico. My plight was forwarded to Rita at 2nd Chance Vizsla Rescue in Colorado. Arrangements were made to transport me to Colorado and 2nd Chance Vizsla Rescue, along with Draco, who everyone thinks is my brother. Doesn’t look anything like me, but we really love each other and were glad to see each other.

My first stop was Albuquerque to get the rest of my vet work done along with my brother, then off to Colorado. We stayed temporarily with a 2CVR volunteer in Albuquerque. She was very nice and we had a lot of fun playing with her two dogs.

So, more about me. I am a very happy puppy with lots and lots of energy. I get along with other dogs real well. I have LOTS of energy and love to run and play with all the dogs, especially Draco since I can push him around more.
Hi: Willow here. Time for celebration, this past Sunday I started my new life with my forever family Emily and Dan. They are very nice people and drove me to my new home in Arizona. I have really taken to my new parents but I do miss my dog buddies at my foster home. There are other dogs here to play with but I am a little unsure of everything. I am told there is a Vizsla puppy down the block that I am going to meet. Can’t wait to meet him. Thank you everyone for saving me and helping me find my forever home.


Willow Update:

Dan and I just wanted to let you all know that Willow is adjusting great and is truly a part of our family, so much so that Dan will say hi to her first when he comes home instead of me. I knew it would happen, but we have been bitten by the Vizsla love bug and I don't think we can ever go back. Dan has already asked me to start looking for another one to rescue (I on the other hand know better and we will wait at least a year before we hop on that wagon). Willow loves to play with us now, although we have had to take away her favorite toy Larry because fabric/rope toys appear to be tasty and delicious to Willow and consequent she tries to eat them rather than play with them. She loves her Kong ball and cow hooves to chew on though. We have already filled the amazon cart with far too many Christmas gifts for her. She is our furry baby and we couldn't be more in love. She is still a little hesitant around new humans and dogs but she has started to warm up much quicker. She has had 3 play dates with the neighborhood dogs this week alone and has made fast friends. We hope to introduce her to the puppy Vizsla down the street soon.

We just want to thank you all for the work that you do. We love our Willow and we couldn't have gotten her without you all. I have attached some photos and videos for your viewing pleasure. Feel free to post these on social media for 2nd chance if you desire. She has been to Monument Valley and the Grand Canyon so far in her travels. Also we should have never started letting her on the bed because now she is our 5am wakeup call with cuddles and kisses ;)

All the best,

Emily & Dan (& Willow)